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Settling In

Before children start with us parents are offered the option of a home visit from the child's allocated family communicator.

Home visits enable children to see the Nursery and Parents working in partnership, sharing information on the child's current routine, likes, dislikes etc. 

Having made this initial contact the child and family then feel they have made good foundations for settling.

We usually suggest a week for settling in to take place, although this varies from child to child, family to family. Your family communicator takes the main role during the settling week, working with you to make the experience as positive as possible.

During the settling in week the time parent's leave their child with us is gradually increased until both feel happy and confident.

Communication between setting and parents becomes an everyday occurance, with parent/communicator evenings and social events throughout the year. We welcome volunteers, so if you have some free time and would like to enquire about the possibility of helping at the Nursery do contact us on 01444 831555 or speak to a member of staff. 


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