How to Make Your Bedroom Furniture Last Longer

How to Make Your Bedroom Furniture Last Longer

Buying furniture for any room of your home is a big investment in both money and time. Many people spend weeks searching for the perfect pieces of furniture to get the look that they want. But, whether you spend a lot or a little on your bedroom furniture, you want it to last for years. There are several really easy ways tol make your bedroom furniture last longer and to keep it looking new.

Buy High Quality Bedroom Furniture

One of the best ways to ensure that you get years and years of use out of your bedroom furniture is to buy good quality bedroom furniture. While it will raise your initial investment, it will be worth it in the long run. Cheap furniture will usually need replaced every few years while good quality furniture is often handed down to the next generation. But, well made furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for sales and close-outs to get a good deal on quality made bedroom furniture.

Perform Annual Maintenance on Your Bedroom Furniture

Most people do regular maintenance checks on their vehicles, but don’t even realize that your furniture needs regular maintenance to. At least once a year you should check all of the hardware on your bedroom furniture. If you find any loose screws, bolts or brackets make sure that you tighten them. Make sure that all of the drawer handles are tightened and if you find any loose boards, secure them back in place with a little wood glue.

Clean and Condition Wood Bedroom Furniture

Keeping your bedroom furniture clean can help keep it looking fresh and new for years. But, if you have wooden bedroom furniture, you also need to condition the wood. If the wood becomes to dry it will eventually begin to crack. And, dirt and grime built up on the surface will quickly dull the finish. Dust wood furniture at least once a week. Depending on how  much heat and sunlight the furniture is exposed to, it should be conditioned several times each year with a commercial wood conditioner.