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The Power Of The Mind – A Real Life Story
The Power Of The Mind – A Real Life Story

The Power Of The Mind – A Real Life Story

Tuesday 13th June 2006 started the same as usual, soft gentle music woke me at 6.20 and I chanted my normal affirmations, rose slowly and showered. ‘Today is the day’, I said to myself in the mirror as I shaved. taxi in woking

The taxi arrived and Peter the driver inquired about my destination. “The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle” I said. As we drove we passed the normal comments about the weather, the world cup football and then the conversation got more personal. “Not keen on hospitals.” said Peter.

“Why is that?” I enquired.

“Don’t get me wrong I think they are a good thing like, it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable in them. I had a hernia operation last year at Wythenshawe and I felt worse after the operation than I did before. They didn’t do anything wrong it’s just that it took me weeks to get over the anaesthetic and the pain. I couldn’t drive for nearly 3 weeks and the discomfort lasted a lot longer than that.”

“That’s what I am having, a hernia operation.”

“Oh! Sorry mate didn’t mean to err… ” his embarrassment showed in his nervous cough.

“Don’t worry Peter I am not having any anaesthetic so I don’t expect to have the same problems as you.”

I could see the words drift into his head, tumble through his mind and then formulate a question. “Sorry mate did you say that you were not going to have any anaesthetic?”



“Well there are 3 reasons. The first reason is I do not want any unnecessary drugs in my body. The second reason is that when you are subject to a general anaesthetic your body is flooded with drugs to relax every muscle in your body to the point where you are just at a level above death. The anaesthesiologist monitors your vital signs to ensure that you stay comatose by allowing more or less of the cocktail of drugs to flood into your body. When you awake from the operation your body’s immune system has to spend days healing the damage that the drugs have subject your body to during the general anaesthetic. Many people often feel nausea, sleepy, tired, and listless and often patients report a lack of appetite after being subject to a general anaesthetic. Your body should be concentrating 100% on healing your operation wound, not the affects of drugs.

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