The Demographics of Technology Users

The Demographics of Technology Users

The face of technology users continues to change. According to the Pew Internet & American Life study, “a greater portion of enthusiastic tech users find it more difficult to do without their computer, cell phone and internet than their television and landline telephone”. Thirty one percent of the population are considered heavy technology users.

Many of this “tech elite” access the internet wirelessly and pay for online content. For this group, email is as important as the telephone.

Here is the breakdown of technology users by groups:

·Young tech elites: comprise 6% of the population and their average age is 22 years old
. All of them have internet access and most of them have cell phones, This group heavily participates in online interactivity including: music downloads, participation in online groups, viewing streaming audio and video clips. Seventeen percent of this group has logged on to the internet using a wireless internet connection.

·Old wired baby boomers: comprise 6% of the population and their average age is 52. This group spends more money online than any other group. They all have internet access and 82% have cell phones. They actively gather information online and use the internet for transactions.

·Wired GenXers: comprise 18% of the population and their average age is 36. All of them use the internet. Cell phone use is 82%. They also make use of interactive aspects of the internet.

·Wired Senior Men: comprise only 1% of the population and are very highly educated. Their average age is 70 and they have been online for about 10 years. Online activities include information gathering and online transactions.

·Young Marrieds: comprise 15% of the population a