The Impact of Aspirational Art on Hotel Success

The Impact of Aspirational Art on Hotel Success

The Cost of Art in Hotels

Historically, hotel owners had to invest heavily in art to distinguish their establishments and impress guests. The alternative was often settling for inexpensive prints that failed to enhance the ambiance or inspire guests to share their experiences.


The Emergence of Affordable Contemporary Art

Enter Your White Space, a company revolutionizing the art supply for also designers, hotel owners, and homeowners. They offer unique, high-quality contemporary and abstract art that is both desirable and collectible, all at affordable prices.

David Ralph, Managing Director of Your White Space, states, “We know there is a massive potential for us to supply original art to people who want good quality but don’t want to pay the earth for it.” This innovative approach is made possible by their range of European artists and the strategic operations of their Creative Director, Mike Dethick, who resides near Shanghai. Fluent in Mandarin, Dethick oversees the framing process using top-tier materials, which are then shipped to Southampton. This allows Your White Space to offer exceptional contemporary art at a fraction of the expected cost, with next-day delivery available.

Unique Art Offerings

In addition to their canvas art collection, Your White Space offers a world-exclusive form of wall art developed by Mike Dethick. This unique piece involves printing an image onto the rear of a perspex block, which is then mounted and traditionally framed, resulting in a stunning and admired artwork. The response from interior design professionals has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Benefits of Art in Hotels

Enhancing Guest Experience

Art can significantly enhance the guest experience by creating a